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Available Corpora

Here is a list of all the corpora available for search at the YakwaSI web-site; it explains the name of the corpus, the tagset used for tagging, and the languages into which the corpus is aligned. By clicking on the name, you get a description of the corpus (if available) including source, copyright statements, and corpus statistics.

Corpora - English

Corpus NameTagsetAlignmentsFilename
Crater Corpuscraterenglishcrateren
International Sailing FederationtreebankFrancaisisaf-en
International Maritime Law of UNOtreebankFrancaisrules-en

Corpora - Francais

Corpus NameTagsetAlignmentsFilename
Crater Corpuscraterfrenchcraterfr
International Sailing FederationcordialEnglishisaf-fr
Lois International Maritime de l'UNOcordialEnglishrules-fr