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YakwaSI - an annotated aligned corpus search tool

Welcome to the YakwaSI web-page. YakwaSI is an HTML based aligned annotated corpus concordancer, written by Maarten Janssen. YakwaSI is intended to be a helpful tool for linguists, making it possible to query a corpus in a flexible and intuitive way. The fact that YawkaSI uses annotated corpora makes it possible to search not only on sequences of words, but also on lemmata or morphosyntactic categories. This allows to easily look for actual occurrences of grammatical structures. YakwaSI can be used with aligned corpora. Not all corpora availalbe on this site are aligned, but for those that are, it is possible to get the translation in the aligned corpus of those sentences that match your query. Click here to go to the query definition window.

YakwaSI started out as an HTML interfact to the Yakwa concordancer, written by Ludovic Tanguy. However, in its current version there are various differences between the two; not all functions of Yakwa ar supported in YakwaSI, and not all functionallity of YakwaSI is offered by Yakwa. Given copyright on some of the corpora, several corpora on this site are restricted to specific groups of users. These corpora are only accessible for registered users belonging to these groups, that need to be logged in.

Yakwasi is hosted and powered by JanssenWeb, LLC.

Other Functionallity

Apart from simple queries, YakwaSI allows some other ways of querying corpora.